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Here is my #1 suggestion for surviving an initial "Lice Emergency" right here:

While I understand completely you may be experiencing a "Lice Emergency" , chances are

you and/or your loved one(s) have likely already had head lice for a few weeks or even months! 

Another day (or even three) isn't going to be

"The End of the World"!!!  REALLY!!!  Everything will be OKAY.......

On that note, please note that I am a fully independent individual and do not currently have any partners in this business.  This is also NOT a business where I am available 24/7 !  I have a life and a family outside of this business too, and sometimes (especially during the summer and school vacations) I am simply NOT available to run to your rescue!  Even "Lice Ladies" take time off from work...( I know, it just isn't fair! )

So, if you call or text and don't hear back from me within 24-48 hours, I could be anywhere in the world "Living La Vida Loca"!  In circumstances as such, I sincerely hope you are able to find the help you need, but if not, feel free to call me back in a week or so to see if I am back in business!

However, if you are REALLY spazzing out, allow me to reassure you that head lice is a HEAD SPECIFIC issue and they are NOTHING like bed bugs!!  Your house does NOT need to be FUMIGATED, vacuumed from top to bottom, or in worst case scenarios: BURNED TO THE GROUND!!  Do NOT go overboard cleaning items which don't have a pulse and lice could not survive on for more than 24 hours (which includes all pets!).  Lice ONLY lay eggs on human hair shafts and those eggs are glued on to those hair shafts until they are manually removed.  Lice need human (ONLY!) blood to survive so they are NOT roaming your house or your pets looking for their next meal!  Technically, head lice are smart enough to know that "lackadaisically wandering off head" = suicide!  They will ONLY leave one head for another head, so please just remain calm!  No one has ever successfully rid themselves or a loved one of head lice by FREAKING OUT!  Seriously, I feel like I have earned my honorary Ph.D. in Psychology by reassuring clients that the sky is NOT falling!!  Please keep in mind that this, too,

shall pass...


Call or Text 207-807-2626
Services by appointment ONLY

(However, in the event you enter the midst of a complete mental breakdown please dial 911.)