Do it Right Delousing

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 A Head Lice Removal Service

@ Greater Portland, Maine

"Call 207-807-2626"

I accept cash and checks as forms of payment


TRAVEL FEES:                                             $2.00 per mile > 20 miles

WEEKDAYS 8am - 6pm:                                        $80.00 per hour

AFTER HOURS AND WEEKENDS:                     $100.00 per hour

I charge by the hour. I have discovered that charging by the service in this field has its advantages and disadvantages. If all cases of head lice were still in the early stages then this would be a great deal for me. However, there are various degrees of lice infestation and the worse the infestation is the longer the treatment takes and the less money I end up making for my time. Therefore, I have decided that charging for my time works best.  I am rarely anywhere longer than 1.5 hour.

No, I don't work HOLIDAYS (unless the price is REALLY right!!)