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       I will certainly tell you what you should do and what you don't need to bother doing around

     the house in regards to preventing the spread of lice, but I am NOT a house cleaning service!!

       (I mean, think about it:  I pick lice off other people's heads so I can pay someone else to clean my house!      

That's just how much I HATE house cleaning!   So.... now that we've got that straight, let's move on...)

What I DON'T do:



This is a 100% ORGANIC process!

 A Head Lice Removal Service

@ Greater Portland, Maine


I DON'T clean your house!!

What I do:

I make house calls to protect your family's privacy!!

  1. First, I verify that we are definitely dealing with head lice.  You would actually be amazed how many people think itchy dandruff is LICE!! 

  2.  I inspect the hair for evidence of nits and/or bugs and do a wet comb-out with a specific lice/nit comb to remove the majority of live bugs and their eggs, which are called "nits". 

  3. While I am working I will review with the adult/caregiver all the information I provide in a handout which teaches you all those things you never really wanted to know about head lice and how to do proper follow-up.  

  4. I give you the option to purchase the #1 recommended lice and nit removal comb (which, of course, I use) from me for a minimal extra fee ($10.00) so you can perform the proper follow-up procedures yourself.

  5. OR... I will return within 7-10 days to perform the follow-up for you at the same fees listed on the Price List page of this website.

Do it Right Delousing

"Call 207-807-2626"

You are more than welcome to waste your precious time and money on products that claim to "kill" lice

and nits, but your time and money would be better spent by just calling

Do it Right Delousing at  207-807-2626

        Why?  Because the secret to successful delousing is REMOVING the bugs and nits. 

There is essentially nothing available over-the-counter that actually "kills" lice and nits.

These products have been on the market for so long now, with no chemical changes, that

lice have become resistant to them, just like any "strain of a bug" can become resistant to

the antibiotics that are supposed to kill them.  This is the same reason we have resistant

strains of bacteria today like Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).